Holiday Posts Roundup

Now that it’s rainy, cold, and the middle of December, it’s time to start thinking about holiday meals and desserts. Here’s a list of some of my favorite holiday posts of the last year.

Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallow Whip — I think this is my all-time favorite holiday post. The hot chocolate is creamy and chocolatey, and the homemade marshmallow whip is fluffy and decadent. The perfect holiday drink.

How to Save a Fruitcake — If you have a dense and dry holiday cake sitting around the house, turn it into something wonderful with just a few minutes work.

The Hot Toddy — There’s truly no finer drink than a hot toddy when you’re feeling cold or sick.

A No-Hassle Holiday Breakfast with Leftover — See how easy it is to make an impressive breakfast with holiday leftovers.

You say Yorkshire Pudding, I say Baccalà — See what happens to a holiday dinner when a New York Italian marries a Midwestern Presbyterian.


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